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More about me and Sass 'n Vibes

Hi, I'm Trina and my passion for fitness and helping people drives my personal training business called Sass 'n Vibes Fitness.

Come join us for an effective 30 minute workout amongst friends and see how much fun exercise can be. Your young children and babies are most welcome to come along.

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Online. Affordable. Convenient.

I'm an Upper Coomera Personal Trainer with a difference.

- Trina Graham, Sass 'n Vibes Fitness -

"....loving my results."

From no squats to squatting with baby in my arms! Awesome!! Still a way to go…but loving my results. Thank you Trina.


"Nothing better than a Saturday morning workout with friends."

Nothing better than a Saturday morning workout with friends that makes you smile and puts you in a positive mood for the rest of the day. Really enjoyed this morning. Thanks Trina.

Lauren K*

"Start your day the right way."

What a way to start Sunday morning with an awesome Metafit workout.

Robin W*

"....another smashing workout."

Thanks for another smashing workout and getting me to remember that I shouldn’t give in. I needed that kick up the bum.

Sarah B*

"Can’t wait for another."

Awesome workout with great trainer and great group of girls. Can’t wait for another.

Sarah B.

"Perfect for me…the right amount of encouragement and push when I need it."

Perfect for me…the right amount of encouragement and push when I need it. If you want to participate, it’s cool, if you want someone to drive you hard, she can do that too. Flexibility with helping me tailor workouts around my weaknesses and problems has been the best for me! And being able to come along with my baby.

Kylie G*

"Exactly what I needed to find my motivation again"

I have exercised my whole life from going to the gym, taking Aerobics classes to go for a run. The last few years I have lost my motivation though. It wasn't that I didn't want to exercise I just didn't know how to do it anymore with a changing body coming into Menopause.

Through my daughter-in-law I heard about Sass 'n Vibes Fitness Online Coaching and decided to try it out. I got some simple gym equipment like dumbbells and a yoga mat and started. Every week Trina puts out workouts with easy to follow video instructions. I can do the workout at home whenever I want. If I need to make adjustments to suit me I can ask Trina for advice. This is exactly what I needed to find my motivation again.

Kerstin G* 55yrs

"Trina's has extensive knowledge of women's health and hormonal needs"

Exercising with Sass 'n Vibes Fitness has helped me gain physical strength I've never had before! I have 3 little ones and a strong and healthy body is a MUST to keep up with them!

Trina is an excellent PT! I've joined in group sessions and worked out from home using the online platform and have a lot of fun doing both! There's always a great group atmosphere and support! Trina takes time to understand her clients physical abilities. With her extensive knowledge of women's health and hormonal needs, I feel very lucky to have found her!

Carissa G*

"I’m loving what I see in the mirror"

The whole shape of my body has changed and I’m loving what I see in the mirror with more muscle definition coming through. I have gone from a Size 14 to an 8-10.I now have more energy, I love taking my baby along to training where Trina helps me to look after him while I exercise. So if you are looking for a Gold Coast personal trainer and are hesitant PLEASE give Trina a ring and have a go. You won’t regret it…she is both affordable and friendly, whether it’s 1:1 or group training your after.

Kelly M*

"I can fit them in around my family and work"

I used to love training in person with Trina but when we moved to be over an hour drive away I was devastated. Devastated because I loved the camaraderie of the small group trainings and the passion and encouragement of Trina.
Trina is educated of course in fitness but also in women’s health and that is important to me, especially as I age.
I find the online workouts challenging physically but now I don’t have to struggle to get anywhere to get them done. I can fit them in around my family and work and i can do more or less as I feel necessary. I find the other online ladies interactive and supportive of each other. We still have fun!

Dana *

"I didn’t expect to have so much fun..."

After 4 kids and not a lot of exercise I was a little nervous about joining the group training sessions. I didn’t expect to have so much fun, laugh so much and meet so many lovely ladies! And after only about a month I can’t believe the strength I have built up already! I love these classes!!!!

Gina A*

"I was feeling sluggish, flabby and unmotivated."

After giving birth to my 3rd baby, I was feeling sluggish, flabby and unmotivated. I didn’t want to put my baby into a creche at the gym, while at the same time didn’t have the confidence in myself to attend any PT because I was so unfit after not exercising at all for a good 18 months. I met Trina (Sass 'n Vibes Fitness) through our 7yr olds attending the same school and she offered to train me with some other mums. I was hesitant, scared, and anxious. I was worried about being left behind, and embarrassed at the thought of not being able to keep up. I shouldn’t of been. Trina was encouraging, kept the exercises at a manageable level, while still giving me that little push to extend myself. 7 months on and I have lost 10kgs and have lost 20cm off my belly alone.

Kellie M*

"Trina's classes are always changing, challenging and interesting"

Trina is amazing at motivation, her classes are always changing, challenging and interesting. Catering for all levels of fitness and focusing on correct technique makes training fun and the results follow.

Amie B*


Online. Affordable. Convenient.

Zoom Fitness Classes

I'm giving fitness classes via Zoom, so if you are interested you can contact me on, text me on my mobile [0450.445.676] or fill in the form underneath and I will get in touch as soon as possible.