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Trina Graham - Personal Trainer | Metafit Coach

Trina Graham Personal Fitness Trainer

MMy passion is fitness! It is truly empowering to be strong and healthy. If only everybody could experience how it feels. Not just a healthy body but a healthy mind. I love to help people transform their lives, to become happier, more confident and energised, to feel great in their skin!

SSassyfit is a place where everyone supports each other, no judgement. A place to make great friends, to laugh, to celebrate achievements and to work hard to reach your goals whatever your fitness level. As a mum I understand how busy life can get and your health is very important if you want to be a great parent and partner. For your benefit I hold the following qualifications within Sassyfit: Certificate III & IV in fitness, Metafit Coach, Certificate in Diet and Nutrition and CPR & First Aid.

MMake your health and fitness a priority! If you’re time poor, our high intensity group sessions are for you. I’ll show you how to train efficiently and effectively so you can get on with you day/evening. You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start, to be great. I want that for you!

Graduate of the Burrell Education's 3RD Age Women's Perimenopausal Certificate.